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Everything You Need to Know About Security Operations Center (SOC): What is SOC?

what is SOC
Image source: Pixabay | Everything You Need to Know About Security Operations Center (SOC): What is SOC?

The delivery of IT services is changing as a result of new technologies and digital transformation. Today, you can resolve all of your issues by using the SOC, or Security Operations Center. Your technology provider no longer needs to be on-site.

With the help of remote interactions, anything can now be resolved without a specialist being physically there thanks to the new monitoring approach.

We wrote the following brief blog to go through this idea in more detail, as well as its primary advantages and the significance of this new IT paradigm for your business. Take a look!

What is SOC — Security Operations Center?

SOC stands for a security operations center in a direct interpretation. This idea is connected to a central monitoring station that focuses on data security.

In doing so, it seeks to consolidate all data protection requirements for a business, as well as the monitoring of all IT assets and safeguarding the environment. We can single out a few SOC-developed activities for emphasis:

prevention: avert dangers that could put the company's information at risk by acting preventively;

detection: recognize possible dangers in processes and look for solutions to stop them from happening;

fast responses: in the event of any occurrence that could impair a company's operations, discover appropriate solutions fast;

vulnerability assessment: conduct an evaluation of vulnerabilities by continuously monitoring all processes to find and fix any weaknesses.

A security operations center keeps an eye on all network activity as well as that of the company's servers, databases, applications, terminals, websites, and other systems.

The SOC is directly accountable for protecting your business from potential threats, validating all incidents, and assuring their accurate identification, analysis, defense, and reporting.

The Security Operations Center may be set up by the business directly, within its own environment, or it may be contracted out to a third party with information security expertise.

It requires the usage of SIEM software, a tool for managing events in information security, to carry out its deployment.

What is SOC's main use within a company?

Even though the IT staff may insist that your business is secure, we are aware that, along with the development of markets that technology has enabled, it has also brought with it a number of security gaps that can be used by fraudulent individuals.

Every year, there are more cyber attacks against businesses, and many of them are successful because they leak or manipulate data.

As a result, it is becoming more and more important to make investments in information security and look for specialist consulting from experts that have expertise in handling the widest range of situations.

The best choice is a Security Operations Center, where experts in information security will always be available for an immediate and efficient reaction.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is a functional area solely responsible for assuring the data security of a company's whole current IT environment. This monitoring center is required by a number of norms and laws.

A SOC must be deployed by banks and other financial institutions in response to recent cyber incidents, according to Central Bank laws.

What are the differences between SOC and NOC?

When we discuss SOC, which is the concept interchange with the NOC, network operations center, there is a widespread misunderstanding. Even though the roles and behaviors are comparable, the two work in different contexts.

The NOC is in charge of handling all administration pertaining to the company's internal network and connections, an area that is likewise quite sensitive and requires attention.

The NOC frequently takes on network security responsibilities that would normally fall within the purview of the SOC, a center that specializes in this field. Your activities may be at risk because of this.

The two locations should always be kept well apart. The NOC handles solely network and connectivity issues, while the SOC enables and monitors security activities.

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