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Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Center (NOC): What is NOC?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

NOC monitoring
Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Center (NOC): What is NOC? | Image Source: Pexels

Have you ever considered continually monitoring IT events? With the NOC, this is achievable (Network Operations Center).

When examining how a company operates on a daily basis, network control with a specialist team ready to handle any instability is crucial. But in addition to the difficulties in putting together a technical team, the cost is enormous.

Many firms have a tendency to ignore prevention because they think the cost will be reduced if they only invest in corrective actions. The problem then emerges because business damage caused by technical issues and instability is permanent.

And how do you strike the right balance between necessity and possibilities on that scale? Through this management, a low-cost and technical support solution to maintain network monitoring can be found.

In this article, we define this functionality and discuss how it can benefit your company. Therefore, be mindful not to skip.

What is NOC?

A structure known as a Network Operations Center (NOC) is made up of a group of qualified specialists that monitor and handle IT events to guarantee the environment's steady operation.

They rely on certain software for this, which centralizes the monitoring and management of many networks and the complete IT environment (computers, servers, gateways, or other devices connected to the network).

And how do the experts doing this management do their jobs? What are the principal activities they perform? Read below.

What are the main activities of the NOC?

The team in charge of the Network Operations Center takes a preventative and proactive approach to maintain the network's functionality and prioritizing requests.

These specialists are employed as needed and work in accordance with the requirements of the contractor, setting the technological foundation to produce comprehensive reports.

In addition to carrying out other tasks, they also detect system failures, recognize the need for upgrades, and handle network security against cyberattacks in this situation.

what is NOC?
Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Center (NOC): What is NOC? | Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What about the particular software deployed in these activities? They execute scripts that produce data for infrastructure support teams, produce capacity reports, and assess the availability of IT assets in addition to immediately stabilizing problems.

It is no surprise that it is a tool that is frequently utilized by big businesses that have recently gained popularity while assisting small and medium-sized businesses.

The responsibilities of this management are listed below in brief:

  • Manage patches;

  • Analyze external threats;

  • Install and update software;

  • Backup and storage;

  • Control IPs and manage firewalls;

  • Monitor company networks and systems;

  • Coordinate the policies for the use of the organization's IT assets;

  • React quickly to any incident (which may involve cyber threats, outages, etc.);

  • Generate periodic reports and analyze information to identify IT infrastructure resource shortages or forecast investment needs.

Do you know what NOC in IT stands for? For every organization, the capabilities of the team performing this monitoring are crucial. So, hiring competent experts to complete it requires investment, right?

Given this, a frequently asked topic is whether having an internal or external network operations center is more efficient.

Is it better to outsource or have an internal NOC?

Companies with insufficient resources to administer and monitor the complete IT environment may find a solution in outsourcing the Network Operations Center.

In this instance, some investment in the structure is required, but using an internal team reduces expenses. In actuality, your IT department will be able to concentrate its efforts on the vital tasks facing the organization (core business).

On the other hand, if you already employ experts in network and IT infrastructure monitoring, you can assign them to collaborate with an internal team. But we are aware that this is a less typical circumstance.

Therefore, it is clear that outsourcing offers a better cost-benefit ratio even in businesses with larger resources available for expenditures.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or need to outsource NOC monitoring for your business.

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