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As more companies adopt a multi-cloud strategy and undertake major digital transformation initiatives, Dygital9 is here to help. Enjoy the freedom to select the right mix of technology to support your business goals and needs, deploying technology and data around the world to reduce costs and drive revenue.


At Dygital9, our next-generation technology services are designed to empower your business to stay competitive, while enabling you to manage change and transform. We have expertise in a number of verticals and run a global managed services technology hub supporting enterprises operating across 6 continents 24/7/365.


We build and maintain global products and platforms, and ensure that your customers can interact with your business anytime, anywhere in the world.


Finance, Banking & Securities


Mining & Resources (Including Oil & Gas, Forestry)


Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing & Supply Chain


Infrastructure & Energy (Including utilities)


Media, Travel, Tourism, Sports & Entertainment, Food & Beverage


Manufacturing & Hi -Tech



Chemical Plant
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Specialized Expertise: Oil & Gas, Resources

• Dygital9 has special experience in oil & gas operations, modelling, and optimization.

• Our teams have worked on operations sites and mine sites across North & South America.

• We have unique expertise in every aspect of the mining value chain, including mining & resource extraction, processing, inventory management, supply chain, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance, transportation (Rail, port & shipping), pricing, and go-to-market strategy.

• We have experience in sensor deployment, predictive modelling, IT infrastructure management & set-up, and procurement/deployment, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

• We have experience deploying autonomous solutions including self-driving vehicles and assets.

Stock Exchange

Specialized Expertise: Crypto, Blockchain & Web 3.0

• Our Dygital9 global team has over 8 years of working in the blockchain/crypto space.

• We have a global Web 3.0 development team, with extensive experience working on smart contracts, as well as building & mentoring teams in this space. Our team members have worked on over 240 projects to date.

• We have significant experience with Web 3.0 gaming, including P2E, along with next-generation strategy work relating to iGaming & eGaming.

• We have experience with digital marketing for Web 3.0 projects and companies, bringing established brands from Web 2.0 into Web 3.0.

• Our AI & analytics team has over 10 years of asset trading & modelling experience. This includes asset management, hedging strategies, derivative financial models, and quantitative prediction.

Blockchain Developer
Coin Manufacturing
Bitcoin Balance
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A man pointing at his laptop screen
Laptop and Paperwork
A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

Specialized Expertise: Financial Services, Banking & Securities

• Dygital9 has a global, financial services, banking & securities practice

• Our teams support finance and accounting teams, as well as operations teams, working on detailed financial modelling, strategy, and even month-end processes.

• Our global finance teams run implementations and upgrades of major financial applications and ERP systems, build financial applications, deploy ERP financial products, and also oversee key aspects of financial operations groups including compliance, reporting, and investor relations.

• Our Dygital9 teams have strong expertise in core banking systems and have worked with large global financial institutions and trading/securities organizations.

• Our teams work on ACH payment systems, maintain integrations, build banking dashboards and intelligent systems used by traders and customer service specialists, and build specialized banking products.

Technology Class

Specialized Expertise: AI & Advanced Robotics

• Our Dygital9 AI & Advanced robotics group has over a decade of experience with advanced machine learning development and implementation, including work in autonomous vehicles and smart systems.


• We have strong experience building and developing/deploying advanced robotics applications and workflows within manufacturing environments.


• Our forecasting & intelligence team helps companies forecast and make key decisions around sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain. Our teams are also experts in visualization and data dashboarding and deployment, leveraging tools including Qlik


• Our training and development group, led by our CTO, has over 10 years of experience teaching artificial intelligence, statistics, operations research, and machine learning, in post-secondary environments and corporations. This includes building and mentoring teams.


• We have significant experience building smart city infrastructure and plans, which leverage next-generation technology to support human function.

Technology Class
Machine Arm Assembling Car
Video Game Vlogger
Playing Video Games
Gamer with Multiple Screens
Virtual Reality Headset

Specialized Expertise: Gaming & Virtual Reality

• Our Dygital9 gaming & virtual reality team has significant experience in the eGaming space, as well as strong experience in the iGaming space (especially from an economic standpoint).


• We have a global, Unity Development team with strong mobile and non-mobile capabilities ready to support current projects or lead complete projects and major components, as well as operations.


• Our teams lead gaming development and complete outsourced operations for major products and builds, while also having the capabilities to lead major title development and game operations.


• We have experience building and prototyping in the AR / VR space while adding these components to living experiences including smart cities and operations including maintenance on mining sites.

Blockchain Developer

Specialized Expertise: Training & Development

• Our collective team has multiple decades of expertise in knowledge transfer & enablement.


• We excel in helping organizations grow while growing the talent of local resources.


• Our training & development leadership has over a decade of training and teaching in post-secondary environments at the graduate level at top-rated universities and organizations around the world including the Georgia Institute Of Technology.


• We build curriculum and deliver it in person and virtually, in corporate settings.


• We have experience building developers' skill sets, and teaching across all aspects, including advanced AI, machine learning, data science, development (web, server, infrastructure), gaming, and others.

Robotic Arm Development
Student Behind the Books
Machine Arm Assembling Car
Analysing data
Data on a Touch Pad
Analyzing the data
Person Analyzing Data

Specialized Expertise: Data Center, Infrastructure & Bare Metal Service Management (Remote & On-Site)

• Our global infrastructure and data science teams have unique experience setting up and managing data centre development and infrastructure, including major projects and builds.


• Our Dygital9 global NOC manages infrastructure and components both remotely & onsite as needed, managing infrastructure and operations 24/7/365 around the globe today in 5 continents.


• We have experience procuring infrastructure and technology for new builds, leading the blueprinting of new infrastructure and data centre projects, leading project delivery and implementation, and mentoring the ground team as they work through the project.


• We have specialized experience setting up virtual networks in distributed environments, including mine sites, and have expertise in smart city design and development (especially technology, infrastructure, and operations relating to a connected grid). This includes expertise in utilities and power management, demand, and supply.


Our Approach.

• People, Processes and Technology.

• Skilled Certified Engineers and Business Leaders with Enterprise level experience.

• Design, Implementation and integration experience with a proven track record of execution and success.

• Decades of technical expertise with Leading technology companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tencent, Ericsson, Seagate, Disney, & Equinix.

• Experience in managing all corporate IT and functions and acting as your CIO.

• Stable and reliable technology partner.

• We build and develop teams, and lead business unites.


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