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Discover the Advantages of Outsourcing Your NOC (Network Operation Center) 24/7

Updated: May 23, 2023

Technology has been a fundamental pillar within companies, that is, a relevant piece for several areas to become more agile and structured. Within this increasingly digital scenario, it is very important that the entire IT infrastructure is monitored and complies with security compliance – and that is where the NOC(Network Operation Center) comes in.

noc outsourcing
Discover the Advantages of Outsourcing Your NOC (Network Operation Center) | Image Source: Pixabay

To meet the new digital realities in corporations, it is possible to outsource the NOC and enjoy the benefits of this protection through a partner company. Discover the advantages of NOC outsourcing and how this can be the ideal option for your business in this article.

What is the NOC

The NOC (Network Operations Center) is the Network Operations Center and refers to a service for monitoring and managing IT events that aim to act preventively and proactively to keep corporate networks and systems protected and running smoothly.

How NOC 24/7 works

Whether it is an internal or outsourced service, NOC uses software and has specialists to monitor, evaluate and manage assets. Thus, it is possible to compare protocols and anticipate suspicious behavior that could harm the operation and security of the company. With this routine, NOC has the advantage of creating a knowledge bank that allows the development of programmed solutions for recurring errors.

Which professionals work in a NOC

In order to carry out the NOC, specialized professionals are required who must be distributed across three levels of activities. They are:

Level 1

Remote monitoring allows the resolution of specific and specific problems quickly and with existing techniques.

Level 2

Specialists who work to resolve complex failures and outages, in addition to calling in other professionals to correct infrastructure errors in person.

Level 3

Specialists who manage acute crises, in addition to implementing improvements across the IT environment.

How to implement NOC outsourcing

To outsource the NOC, it is necessary to find a partner company that follows the guidelines for outsourced work and has, mainly, some practices for a satisfactory implementation, such as:

  • optimized processes to monitor company resources in real-time

  • documentation of the tools and systems used in the 24×7 NOC

  • reports to map recurring incidents and problems

  • culture of risk management with agile prevention actions.

What are the advantages of outsourcing NOC 24/7?

The Network Operations Center is a solution that offers several benefits for a more optimized and secure operation within the business. See the primary advantages of outsourcing NOC in your company:

24x7 outsourced network monitoring

Cost reduction

Outsourcing the NOC reduces costs, since some expenses for hiring qualified labor, such as labor and structural costs, will be the responsibility of the partner company.

Increased efficiency

With highly trained professionals focused on NOC outsourcing, there will be an increase in efficiency in the management and monitoring of events.

Improvement in Information Technology management

As the outsourced team is focused and in constant search for atypical activities, outsourcing the NOC allows for greater improvement in IT management, since there is uninterrupted monitoring and constant learning.

Focus on the company's core business

When outsourcing the NOC, internal professionals are focused on the company's core business, being able to optimize and develop new solutions aligned with the business model.

Elevated levels of cybersecurity

NOC teams specialize in information security and are concerned with applying best practices in this regard, creating a safer IT environment and, thus, increasing cybersecurity.

Increased security as required by the LGPD

With qualified professionals specialized in security, the company will adapt to the terms of data collection and, therefore, will comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Law already in force.

To learn more about NOC and how outsourcing the Network Operations Center can benefit your company with high-quality professionals and agile and modern IT management practices, visit this service page on our website!

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