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Discover the Benefits of NOC and SOC Managed Services

NOC and SOC managed services
Image source: Pixabay | Discover the Benefits of NOC and SOC Managed Services

The use of networking infrastructures has expanded due to digitization, increasing the number of possible entryways for cyberattacks on businesses of all sizes. It is possible to rely on outside personnel who are knowledgeable in SOC and NOC to administer, monitor, and safeguard the infrastructures, gaining important business benefits.

According to Gartner, demand for managed services for SOCs (Security Operation Centers) and NOCs (Networking Operation Centers) has increased by 20% annually over the past three years, with gross revenues expected to rise from 10.8 billion in 2017 to 16.4 billion in 2020.

These data are unquestionably a result of the rise in the use of digital technologies for managing business operations and production over the past ten years. These solutions, while clearly bringing organizational and commercial benefits, have also indirectly exposed businesses to the risk of cyberattacks and made it more challenging to manage networking infrastructures.

In a socioeconomic structure built around networks of small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) that have little spending potential for the investments required for the efficient maintenance of the SOC and the NOC, businesses that offer consultancy are therefore ideally suited and Managed Services for these businesses.

The benefits that Managed Services offer to businesses go beyond financial savings; rather, they are varied, and we have made an effort to narrow them down to at least four primary benefits.

The 4 primary benefits that NOC and SOC Managed Services bring to companies

The fact that the new work tools increase the access points to external cyber attacks, which together with the failure of the collaboration and networking systems cause significant damage to the business, must be made clear to digitized businesses today or in the course of digital transformation. Additionally, it must be understood that the idea that you are less appealing to hackers since you are an SME or have a market restricted to a particular region is a delusion.

45% of cyberattacks in 2019 were directed at SMEs, according to some reports. 

SOC and NOC teams are required with a number of certified operators willing to work in shifts to ensure 24/7 safeguards, standardized processes, and cutting-edge technologies in order to track and assess across networks, endpoints, servers, and databases the operational and security status of businesses in a competent way.

These are big investments that need to be kept up over time.

Adopting the Managed Services of SOC and NOC, and subsequently outsourcing the activity, means putting your trust in people who can ensure quality and continuity while allowing you to focus on your core business by devoting your capital there.

The following 4 benefits that managed services can help businesses accomplish are:

1. Continuity of control: The NOC and SOC constantly monitor the networks and equipment thanks to specialized infrastructures that ensure service continuity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

2. Control quality: The Managed SOC and NOC Services employees of IT firms are certified and undergo ongoing training to ensure that they are fully knowledgeable and capable of analyzing and even projecting potential risk situations;

3. Constant updating: Client organizations will receive a high-quality and secure service without having to bear direct technological costs or the possibility of equipment obsolescence because the software components utilized by the SOC and NOC teams are constantly updated to the most recent releases available;

4. Optimization of internal resources: You can cut management costs and focus on your core company by assigning highly difficult activities relating to networking and cybersecurity to capable partners.

network operations center benefits
Image source: Pixabay | Discover the Benefits of NOC and SOC Managed Services

Managed service providers assist clients during every stage of a project, including analysis, full governance, and even full outsourcing.

We at Dygital 9 have been working on cyber security and networking for several years, acquiring valuable expertise dealing with big, small, medium, and worldwide corporate and public businesses.

Our understanding of the strategic nature and significance that Managed Services would have had for the entrepreneurial landscape has grown as a result of our capacity to observe and evaluate market trends.

As a result of this decision, we are now the go-to technological partner for businesses that want to ensure security and operational continuity for their employees and customers. We stand out for our capability to innovate, to operate in challenging environments, and the caliber of our Managed Services. Contact us to learn more about the consultancy and managed services offered by Dygital 9.

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