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7 Types of Malware You Need to Know and How to Eliminate Them for Good

types of malware
Image source: Flickr | 7 Types of Malware You Need to Know and How to Eliminate Them for Good

Malware is the designation used for any software, application, or code created with a malicious purpose. This type of software can infect computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, or any other device connected to the internet and can have different intentions, such as getting victims to provide personal data in order to steal their identity, steal bank details, or even launch computer attacks that require the payment of a ransom to regain control of devices.

What types of malware exist


This is a large-scale attack that affects multiple connected devices or computers that are remotely controlled by the attacker. Once infected, the devices are under the control of the attacker without the owner being aware of it. The objectives of this type of malware are several:

  • theft of platform access credentials or other personal data;

  • spying on the victim;

  • collection of keystrokes (for example, to discover passwords);

  • or theft of photographs.

Many of these attacks also have the particularity of taking advantage of the amount of equipment that they can control remotely to prevent the services of the attacked organizations from functioning correctly. In practice, these attacks allow, for example, thousands of computers to simultaneously access a given company's website so that it cannot support the traffic and is no longer available.

Phishing or smashing

It is also possible to infect the victim's devices via email or SMS. After penetrating devices, these software extract personal data, such as usernames or passwords, to sell them to third parties or use them in fraudulent transactions.


This type of malware is covertly installed on the victim's device and allows the attacker to access sensitive information or change device parameters.


This type of malware displays advertising pop-ups on the infected device. Every time the victim clicks on one of these pop-ups, the attacker earns money. In addition to impacting the device's performance, making it, for example, slower, adware may be able to change browser settings, leaving infected devices more vulnerable to other types of attacks.


Viruses interfere with the normal functioning of infected devices and can corrupt or delete user data.


They arrive in email attachments, in messages, on pen drives, or file-sharing programs, and spread across devices. In addition to stealing sensitive information, this type of malware can change the device's security parameters and block access to its files.


This type of malware allows the attacker to destroy or block access to critical data. In most cases, the victim is pressured to pay a ransom in order for the attacker to give him back access to the data that belongs to him. If the victim is, for example, a company, the most common method is to steal access credentials from one of the employees. This is how the attacker can later access the data. It is important that you are not tempted to pay the ransom amount, as, on the one hand, payment does not guarantee that the situation will be resolved and, on the other hand, by giving in to blackmail you could be listed as a preferential target for future attacks.

What to do to eliminate malware

Whenever you suspect something is wrong with your devices, analyze the system using the “Windows Security” program report, accessible through "Settings – Privacy and Security" in Windows 10 and Windows 11. This operating system, from Microsoft, already includes antivirus software.

Antiviruses protect devices in real-time and allow you to consult reports on their security status. You can also activate it to perform this analysis automatically and periodically.

If necessary, format the device and reinstall the systems, but bear in mind that, even in these cases, there may be malware that cannot be eliminated. Remember that, if you format your device, be it a computer or a smartphone, you must make a backup copy of all the data you want to keep.

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