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Use Case: Merger & Acquisition Project Execution

Client Background:

  • Company in the resource mining industry with operations in multiple countries in the Americas and Africa.

  • Annual equivalent gold production exceeds 300,000 ounces of gold

  • Operations across all countries are similar, offering synergies in productivity

  • Safety is a primary focus for the integrity of the organization


  • During an acquisition, technical and process challenges arise when email and ERP systems get integrated into the acquired mining operations.

  • One of the biggest issues facing the newly merged companies was the consolidation of existing (ERP) systems. The objective for the company and Dygital9 was to deliver an ERP system for the newly merged company with functional work processes that drove the new, unified operation model.

Key Highlights

  • Consolidation of ERP systems succeeded in multi-million $$ savings over 5 years.

  • Additional savings through adopting similar internal processes and use of the same vendors.


Dygital9 built an integration team that consisted of change management leads, communications, training, integration IT developers and company super users that worked together as the M&A team for planning and execution. Dygital9 developed detailed plans with subject matter experts and implemented the changes. Additionally, it facilitated the change effort for end users. Site-specific plans were tailored to each location, making sure the site-specific change risks, issues, and challenges were identified and remediated early. Based on strong planning and execution, the ERP integration and consolidation were completed successfully.

The company saved millions by removing the need to support multiple ERP systems and by finding synergies in processes for procurement, inventory, and supply chain. Using Dygital9 not only helped the company establish a single ERP, but improved internal processes and extended the life of the ERP system in the acquired company. Since then, Dygital9 has helped the company with BI and Digital Analytics projects that integrate with their ERP and Azure Cloud.
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