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Use Case: Manufacturing & Retail Digital Transformation

Client Background

  • A world leader in sales, service, and manufacturing of machine parts

  • Responsible for operations across many continents and generates over a billion USD in total revenue


The company needed to undergo a significant digital transformation, including the migration of its core infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, the establishment of new global enterprise reporting, the development of an intelligent platform for bidding on used and rental equipment, as well as the management and transformation of global operations. This included the development of a new eCommerce portal, the development, and optimization of revenue sources, as well as the mitigation of competitive challenges.

Key Highlights

  • Over $250 million in incremental revenue was produced across multiple business units.

  • Full migration of infrastructure globally to Azure.

  • Reduction and renegotiation of key costs, along with the rollout of daily operational reporting for the global business.

  • Improved availability, performance, and security.


Dygital9 formed a technology partnership and supported the development of an entire global digital practice in order to enable digital transformation. The following core services were provided:

  • Deployment of DevOps managed services, analytics, and marketing technology expertise to support operations across 4 continents. This included global enterprise reporting.

  • The development of an intelligent platform that enabled the organization to bid on used and rental equipment, while optimizing the supply chain.

  • Full and complete on-the-ground support in multiple countries for technology migration and implementation, including intelligence applications.

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