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Use Case: Energy, Minerals & Mining Industry

We believe there is a huge demand for clients in industrial operations to not only look at their long-term digital transformation in order to stay competitive but also to deliver short-term solutions that automate their moving operations and protect their workforce in a post-pandemic world. Dygital9 focuses on providing high-value-added technology services for Energy, Minerals & Mining industries that can help increase revenue, reduce costs, and enable 21st-century 4.0 digital transformation.

The Connected Worker

  • Help connected workers be more productive by tracking unnecessary wait time or dwell time, identifying potential network bottlenecks, and suggesting optimal routes or actions.

  • Monitor the status of crews and equipment. Predict at-risk scenarios before they happen. Avoid accidents and ensure onsite hazards are identified, avoided, and remediated.

  • With geo-referencing, any time a worker is located near the piece of equipment to be fixed, the documentation is readily accessible. The worker will have the full context for that piece of equipment before they perform their work.

  • Provide full visibility of where all your workers are for project managers managing a large turnaround.

  • Measure and audit contractor work performance to reconcile contracting fees. Help minimize non-productive time, waiting time, and paperwork.

  • Reduce paperwork by automatically filling and submitting required forms, scheduling a prioritized daily task list, and generating a list of required equipment and tools before workers set out on their tasks.

  • Send evacuation/muster request alerts and allow connected workers to acknowledge them. Track the exact real-time location of workers to see who has mustered.

Track COVID-related risks in real time

  • Combine disparate data from any sensor or system such as contact tracing sensors, social distancing sensors, cleaning activity reports, location of health supplies, etc.

  • Digital map showing real-time and historical activities and risk levels of workforces and workplaces.

  • Continuously monitor your operation for COVID-risk scenarios (e.g., room capacity exceeded, coughing, infected worker touches doorknob).

Automate action to remediate COVID risks immediately

  • Predict when a combination of events will present a COVID risk to your workers and operation.

  • Immediately alert cleaners to disinfect the specific area.

  • All these risk events and sensor data are stored and can be used for improving effectiveness and efficiency.



Predictive maintenance

When predictive maintenance is working effectively as a maintenance strategy, maintenance is only performed on machines when it is required. That is, just before failure is likely to occur. This brings several cost savings:

  • Minimizing the time needed for the equipment to be maintained

  • Minimizing the production hours lost to maintenance

  • Minimizing the cost of spare parts and supplies

Dygital9 will customize our platform so that it captures data from your systems such as maintenance/vibration sensors, industrial controls, and business systems (like EAM software and ERP software). It then makes sense of the data to identify any areas that need attention. Some examples of using predictive maintenance and predictive maintenance sensors include vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermal imaging, truck breakdowns, and general equipment observation.

Dedicated solution for Russia and Central Asia markets

If you’re still relying on infrastructure in Europe to cover the Russian market, now is the time to consider a dedicated cloud solution for Russia. Dygital9 has partnered with the only global public cloud provider to offer regions in Russia. We are also fully licensed and compliant with local regulations and offer a comprehensive suite of cloud products for the region.

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